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What Was and Will Forever Be

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WHY Choose History?

To know where we are and where we are yet to go, we look back at where we have already been. Our curriculum examines the history of the world, U.S., California, religion, culture, art, economics, literature, politics and a variety of other topics and developments that have shaped our world and lives.


  • Analyze the effect of multiple factors or "causes" in historical events and developments
  • Examine the actions or inaction that may have influenced an historical outcome
  • Discuss how physical, social, cultural, technological and economic factors have impacted history
  • Learn how history informs us about human nature
  • Debate the certainty and facts about specific historical events


An associate of arts in history degree prepares you for jobs in research and analysis working in government, education, the media, public relations, film and publishing, or at a variety of institutions, including libraries. It is also the foundation for four-year college studies in history or a related field.

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